Buying a Home in Central Indiana

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet your needs can be a confusing and stressful process. Our job is to make that process as simple and as straightforward as possible. 

Our Streamlined Home Buying Process does just that by ensuring that we have taken the necessary steps to prepare you for the best possible results for your home search, your offer, the negotiations, and the closing. 

Here is our Streamlined Home Buying Process:

  • Determine your budget. If you are financing, this means getting pre-approved. Your pre-approval will tell you what price range, and what programs, you are eligible for, what down payment you would need, etc. If you have a monthly payment you don’t want to go over, your mortgage broker can translate that to a purchase price target. We also must have a pre-approval before most sellers will agree to let us show their home, and have to have a pre-approval to be able to put an offer in on a home. To find out more about getting pre-approved, and to start the process, see our Mortgage Pre-Approval page.
  • Determine your target areas. Determine the areas you would be willing to consider, and how those are defined. Is it certain areas, cities, zip codes, school district, etc.
  • Determine your “Must Haves.” “Must haves” are the basics of your home search. Minimum square footage, numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other necessity. Our goal is to get you everything you want, but in reality, there is usually some sort of give and take. We use this information to set up your instant home search, and would rather show you more than enough options, than not enough, and see you miss out of an otherwise perfect house because it doesn't have one thing that you wanted, but had everything that you needed.
  • Set up your instant home search. We will use this information to set you up with an instant personalized home search through our Realtor listing service to notify you of all homes currently on the market within your criteria, and send you instant updates as soon as new listings come on the market.
  • Set up showings. Here’s where we actually see the home live and in person. You get to see, feel, touch, and sometimes smell, the house to see if it works for you. The key is to get to new listings as soon as they come out, and make an offer quickly if it’s the house for you. If it has what you want, it probably has what other people are wanting as well, and we need to make sure you see it, and put an offer in, before they do.
  • Make an offer. Once you find “the one,” it’s time to pull the trigger and make an offer! Each home is different, and each situation is different. We will pull comps for the area, determine the condition of the home, how much interest it will get from other buyers, and determine and advise you what to offer to get to where you want to be.

Finding a home in today’s competitive market can be a difficult process. While we can’t eliminate all the stress or all the problems, we have been able to minimize the stress by following our Streamlined Home Buying Process to put you in the best position for a successful home search. See our Reviews to see what our past clients have said about our work for them. We look forward to helping you on a successful home search, and to seeing your raving review coming across our desk! 

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