Hendricks County Assessment Support

Hendricks County has recently conducted a reassessment of property values in the area leading to higher assessed values of homes and higher property taxes. This, along with recent tax referendums has led to unprecedented increases in property tax payments, meaning higher mortgage payments for homeowners.

Streamlined Realty wants to help those affected. Our Four Tier Review can help you:


1)      Dispute the assessed value with a Broker’s Price Opinion of your home. We will conduct a market analysis, and complete an official Broker Price Opinion form, along with preparing the Appeals form for the assessor, and send this to you for your signature ready to file with the Assessor’s office. Deadline for appealing 2019 property taxes is June 15, 2019.

2)      Conduct a review of your current homeowner’s insurance policy. We will shop your policy with our trusted insurance partners, and advise of any potential savings, that would lead to lowering your mortgage payments if your homeowner’s insurance is escrowed with your mortgage.

3)      Conduct a review of your mortgage. We will analyze your current mortgage programs and balance to determine if there are any potential savings from removing PMI, lowering rate, or changing programs, like from an FHA to conventional. With higher values, if you bought with FHA, you can refinance to a conventional loan and save $100-$150/month, and if you bought with an insured conventional loan, you can request for your PMI to be removed if you are 80% Loan To Value.

4)      Help you with an escrow analysis of your mortgage. Once results of assessment appeal, homeowner’s insurance, and mortgage reviews are completed to reflect the appropriate updated tax and insurance information, we can help you adjust your escrow through an Escrow Analysis with your mortgage company.

A normal appraisal from a licensed appraiser costs $350-$500, and doesn’t come with the added mortgage, insurance, and escrow analysis support. A Broker Price Opinion has much of the same information as a regular appraisal and is an acceptable tool to dispute your assessed value with the assessor.

For a cost of only $225 we will help you with all of this. If you are interested in signing up for this service, please fill in your information below, and we will send you the link for payment and get to work on helping you lower your monthly bills. Deadline for appealing 2019 property taxes is June 15, 2019.

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